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The fault of the hydraulic hoist often appear

The fault of the hydraulic hoist often appear: fault action (such as starting not normal, actuator speed too slow or not under load action, actuator velocity decreased etc.); pressure of fault (such as pressure is not up to the requirements, pressure instability or pressure regulator failure, pressure impact); noise and vibration; temperature high oil pollution.


Hydraulic hoist failure did not design, manufacturing, installation and removal does not meet the specification requirements and equipment after long-term use parts of the normal wear and tear, because the fault caused by improper operation management, more attention should be paid to.


Compared with the hydraulic winch frequent faults and mechanical transmission, electrical transmission has the diversity and complexity of operation and management, and related.


The hydraulic winch is often several faults occur at the same time and intertwined, these faults are caused by a hydraulic component failure, some comprehensive factors of multiple hydraulic component in the system.


Hydraulic hoist even for the same fault, the causes are not the same. Especially the ship hydraulic equipment are now common combination of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and computer, the reasons of the failures even more aspects. The same reason, may also cause different failure.

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