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Cause great hoist noise

The cause of noise huge


Chassis adopts box type structure, not all welds are continuous welding, various chassis weld length, height, there are great individual differences in the chassis rigidity, others resonate effect, machines such as a little vibration noise is amplified; the chassis by the steel plate welded, does not have the shock-absorbing silencing function, if close to its inherent frequency and gear meshing frequency may cause individual machines for gear weak vibration lead to greater resonance, noise caused by increased.


Classification and characteristics

卷扬机的分类及其不同特性卷扬机包括建筑卷扬机,同轴卷扬机 主要恒峰彩票有:JM电控慢速大吨位卷扬机、JM电控慢速卷扬机、JK电控高速卷扬机、 JKL手控快速溜放卷扬机、2JKL手控双快溜放卷扬机、电控手控两用卷扬机、JT调速卷扬机、KDJ微型卷扬机等,仅能在地上使用,可以通过修改用于船上。它以电动机为动力,经弹性联轴节,三级封闭式齿轮减速箱,牙嵌式联轴节驱动卷筒,采用电磁制动。该恒峰彩票通用性高、结构紧凑、体积小、重量轻、起重大、使用转移方便,被广泛应用于建筑、水利工程、林业、矿山、码头等的物料升降或平拖,还可作现代化电控自动作业线的配套设备。

The classification and the different characteristics of hoist winch includes building hoist, hoist the main products are: JM coaxial electric slow large tonnage hoist, JM electronic controlled slow winch, JK electronic controlled high-speed hoister, JKL manual fast humping windlass, 2JKL manual double quick humping hoister, electric control manual control hoist, JT speed winches, KDJ Mini winch, can only be used on the ground, can be modified for use on board. It takes a motor as power, through an elastic coupling, gear box of three stage closed type gear, tooth type coupling driven drum, the electromagnetic brake. The versatility of the product is high, has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, big, use convenient transfer, is widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, port materials such as lifting or flat mop, ancillary equipment can be automatic line for modern electronic control.


Jm series gear reducer drive hoist. Mainly used for hoisting, pull, push, unloading heavy towing. Such as the installation and removal of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment. Applicable to civil building construction and installation company, factory, mine and installation engineering.


From human or mechanical power driven drum, winding traction rope to complete the installation work

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