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The two common faults

Analysis of the two common faults -- "leakage" and "overheating" reason:


Hoist in long time working conditions often spill and overheating phenomenon. The oil spill, to observe the seal parts, check the oil seal if there is crack, inner lip with or without cracking or flange. Also note that the "three check": check the oil seal combined with the main surface has scratches and defects, there are scratches and defects should be replaced. Check back to the oil flow, poor oil return to the crankcase pressure caused by high seal leak or fall off, must ensure that the minimum diameter of the oil return pipe, and no distortion, no bending, oil return smoothly. Check the oil seal, the box with the size, does not accord with a standard to be replaced.


In the daily operation of hoist, because of long time hoist overload operation and the emergence of the overheat fault. Heating of common site has two parts: hoist reducer outlet temperature is too high; running parts of hot.

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