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The promotion way

The promotion way:


1, mechanical lifting


The lifting mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, gear, screw and a fixing nut. When lifting, motor forward rotation, drive reducer, gear, the screw rod to rotate on the fixed screw, promote.


2, hydraulic lifting


The hydraulic lifting mechanism is composed of a hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinder, piston, piston rod and the piston rod and the lifting plate connected havran card. Hydraulic lifting machinery lifting, a hydraulic station for high pressure oil, when the pressure is greater than the friction plate lifting operation, lifting plates slowly ascension at this time, cut off the motor power supply, enhance the action completion.


3, manual lifting: in a spiral type mechanical jack promote plate filter plate lifting.


The structure of hoist, lifting structure is the main power of its production and development, in the course of their work shown extremely important characteristics, three kinds of ways to enhance the above is classified according to its different ways of working. Division in different ways can be divided into different types

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